Protec Gas Services is open and transparent providing quality workmanship to the highest standards. In providing this service to you we have listed some important points, and answers to frequently asked questions for your information below.

To our loyal customers

While health officials recommend members of the community should be confident to go about their day-to-day activities, we are monitoring the developing situation around the spread of COVID-19. We can assure you that our staff are following the health and safety precautions as advised by the department of health, and we are implementing rigorous sanitising and disinfecting of our workspaces. Good health and safety is extremely important to us. We please ask our customers to help us in the fight by practicing their own individual best practices by considering the health and well being of our staff. Thank you for your support during this strange time and we look forward to your help implementing the following recommended measures.

Recommended measures

Continuation of normal safety and hygiene procedures while additionally implementing social distancing to protect customers and staff.

  1. Our customers and staff are recommended to refrain from handshaking and to maintain a distance (1-2 meters) while talking. If distances cannot be maintained we recommended the use of face masks.
  2. We also recommended the regular use of hand disinfectant.

Should any staff or customers be experiencing any cold or flu like symptoms they are to contact our office staff on 83537912 and bookings can be rescheduled for a later date.

While many consider the home to be a place of safety and comfort, there are a wide range of risks involved for those working in a home environment and we all have an obligation under the Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995 to provide a healthy and safe workplace for workers in the workplace including in private homes.

  • Please provide a clear work area (enough area for tool boxes and for the heater to be dismantled)
  • Please maintain a safe work environment.
  • No pets in work area please.
  • Please consider parking & access
  • Please open blinds if possible so as to provide adequate lighting for the technician
  • Please inform workers of any known hazards(e.g. any known faulty electrical equipment)
  • Please cooperate with workers to ensure safe work procedures and a safe work environment (e.g. move furniture to allow adequate work space based on assessed needs)
  • Please advise the technician of any in-home safety devices and their location (e.g. any isolation, safety switches and switchboards)

Please no pets in work area as it is usually safer to place your pets in another area for a short time while the technician is onsite for their safety. There may be sharp edges on dismantled heaters that could cause injury to your pet and pets can sometimes inadvertently get underfoot or hinder the technician in working quickly and safely.

A Standard gas heater service schedule checklist:

  1. Gas heater working condition.
  2. External condition checked and documented.
  3. Internal condition checked and documented.
  4. Previous service history and age?
  5.  Control panel tested, checked and documented.
  6. Remote controls tested, checked and documented.
  7. Electronic timer controls tested, checked and documented.
  8. Electronic ignition controls tested, checked and documented.
  9. Peizo ignition tested, checked and documented.
  10. High temperature leads tested, checked and documented.
  11. Manual ignition tested, checked and documented.
  12. Electrode/s tested, checked and documented.
  13. Micro switch/s tested, checked and documented.
  14. Electronic control module/s tested, checked and documented.
  15. Thermocouple/s tested, checked and documented.
  16. Thermopile/s tested, checked and documented.
  17. Flame sensor/s tested, checked and documented.
  18. Thermistor/s tested, checked and documented.
  19. Thermostat/s tested, checked and documented.
  20. Bypass flame tested, checked and documented.
  21. Flame modulation tested, checked and documented.
  22. Gas control valve tested, checked and documented.
  23. Inlet gas pressure tested, checked and documented.
  24. Operational gas pressure tested, checked and documented.
  25. Pilot injector and air mixing ports tested, checked and documented.
  26. Main burner tested, checked and documented.
  27. Main burner injector and air mixing ports tested, checked and documented.
  28. Fan thermal/timer control tested, checked and documented.
  29. Secondary fun control switch/s tested, checked and documented.
  30. Circulation fan/s tested, checked and documented.
  31. Fan speed adjustment tested, checked and documented.
  32. Combustion fan/s tested, checked and documented.
  33. Over temperature safety device/s and switch/s tested, checked and documented.
  34. Capacitor/s tested, checked and documented.
  35. Gas solenoid/s tested, checked and documented.
  36. Air pressure switch/s tested, checked and documented.
  37. Log/s and coals checked and documented.
  38. Filter/s tested, checked and documented.
  39. Air outlet/diverters tested, checked and documented.
  40. Glass and glass seal condition tested, checked and documented.
  41. Safety grill/s tested, checked and documented.
  42. Room pre, operational and post negative pressure tested, checked and documented.
  43. Flue operational condition tested, checked and documented.
  44. Flu external visual inspection and documented.
  45. Combustible gas leakage tested, checked and documented.
  46. Carbon monoxide spillage tested, checked and documented.
  47. Operational audible tolerances tested, checked and documented.
  48. External temperature safety tested, checked and documented.
  49. Appliance power supply tested, checked and documented.
  50. Ignition, run and shutdown sequence tested, checked and documented.

Payment is to be made on completion to the technician onsite. Payment can be made by cash, electronic funds transfer or credit card*. Residential metropolitan rates for gas technician servicing, testing, diagnostics and fault identification is $131.82 plus GST for up to the first half hour onsite. Further labour rates after the first half hour are to be charged at $31.82 plus GST for every quarter hour or part thereof. If your area is classified as regional, charges may vary. These charges can be confirmed by contacting the office staff and will be set prior to booking. *Additional fees may be set and charged by the credit card service provider which Protec gas services has no control over. Generally these fees range from 1.2-1.4% depending on the individual credit card merchant fees.

24 hours notice is required for any changes to booking time/s. Changes can be made by SMS or telephone 08 83537912. Should 24 hours notice not be received charges may apply.

Gas heaters require regular servicing on a 1-2 year basis. Most manufacturers require that their heaters be serviced annually. 

Most gas heaters when serviced regularly, and as the manufacture recommends, only require a Standard Service including safety checks to maintain safe and efficient operation. Gas heaters generally only require Extended Servicing and or repairs as required.

A STANDARD gas heater service comprises of tests and checks and minor clearing to ensure important safety points are covered, possible faults are identified early to ensure the safe and  efficient operation of the heater.

An EXTENDED gas heater service includes all the points covered in the Standard Service PLUS clearing out of debris and buildup from the heater and components that may have become obstructed through extended periods of non servicing  or operation in high debris buildup prone situations. 

Repairs are carried out when components are identified as being faulty or in need of replacement to ensure the efficient and safe operation of a gas heater. The cost of replacement components are not covered in the price of a service and are to be identified and priced individually. While repairs are not not covered in a standard service schedule they may be included should extended time to fit new component/s not be required.

As there are many gas heaters in the market of differing design and accessibility we must individually approach each heater based on manufacturer requirements and by the specific internal operational components and condition of each individual gas appliance. All servicing and repairs conducted include required documented safety checks with certified electronic gas detecting equipment by fully trained and certified technicians. 

Extended gas heater servicing/repairs includes additional points beyond a standard service. These points may include further investigation, inspection, testing, clearing of debris, blockages, adjustments and replacement of faulty or worn components.

  • Communicate and understand what services are to be provided
  • Conduct a 5 point risk assessment
  • If the assessment shows that workers are exposed to significant risks, service providers will determine whether they need to modify or suspend that particular service until the risk has been adequately controlled. 
  • Wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and be trained in its use
  • Assess additional services before being performed  
  • Review an activity that may have changed to ensure the controls are still working or need to be altered
  • Document the daily monitoring of the service

Most manufacturers recommend for their gas heaters to be serviced either on a 1 or 2 yearly basis. Our service technicians can recommend a service schedule for your gas heater based on manufacturers requirements and our years of experience. If you have not had your gas heater serviced for many years it is recommended to get it checked firstly for safety and also on many occasions we can pick up a minor problem during a service that can avoid an expensive fix when something break down causing faults on other components.

Quite often there are minor faults that can be identified and rectified during a Standard Service schedule of your gas heater which can avoid expensive repairs. Should your gas heater require repairs our fully equipped vans carry a large range of gas spare parts to get your heater up and going again.

Laboratory testing suggests that all gas heaters can produce potentially hazardous levels of carbon monoxide. 

Carbon monoxide poisoning typically occurs from breathing in too much carbon monoxide (CO). Symptoms are often described as “flu-like” and commonly include headache, dizziness, weakness, vomiting, chest pain, and confusion. Large exposures can result in loss of consciousness, arrhythmias, seizures, or death.  

It is critical that your appliance is checked and recorded by a licensed gas fitter for combustion product spillage every 2 years, (or earlier if recommended by manufacturer) after servicing or repairs, or after alterations to the building that may negatively impact the building’s ventilation, including the installation of exhaust fans.

Warranty Terms and Conditions

Warranty is valid in country of purchase only. This warranty is given by Eco Plumbing Pty Ltd T/A Protec Gas Services. Spare parts is warranted by the Company to be free from defects for a period of 120 days from the date of purchase. Workmanship is warranted by the technician for a period of 365 days. The benefits offered by this warranty are in addition to your rights and remedies under Australian Consumer Law. Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to major failure. In the event of a minor failure, the Company reserves the right to choose to repair or replace the part.

To make a warranty claim, you must be able to supply proof of purchase. In the first instance, you should call Customer Care on 08 83537912. The Company will create and retain a computer record of your application.

The Company will bear expenses incurred for warranty claims, excluding the cost of transport of the part for service or the service agent’s travelling costs to and from your home if you live outside the service area of the Company or one of its service agents.

This warranty will not apply in the following cases:

  • i) any defect or damage which is a result of repair, alteration or modification carried out without the written permission of the Company.
  • ii) the use of parts not manufactured, sold or approved by the Company are used in any replacement or repair.
  • iii) the appliance is operated on an electrical, gas or water supply which differs from the ratings specified on the rating plate and instructions for installation and use of the appliance.
  • iv) the appliance is damaged as a direct result of incorrect installation or being used for a purpose for which it not designed, sold or otherwise not in accordance with any instructions for installation and use.
  • v) if changes occur in the condition or operational qualities of the appliance due to incorrect storage, mounting, climate or any other influence outside the control of the Company.
  • vi) the appliance is damaged as a result of operating the appliance incorrectly or when it was known to be defective.
  • vii) when parts requiring replacement due to normal wear and tear including the replacement of the following parts: lenses, globes, glassware, fuses, filters, door seals, bags and similar parts were not replaced.
  • viii) when the clearing of blockages in pumps, filters and hoses did not take place.
  • ix) when damage is caused directly or indirectly by utility supply problems, lack of user care, electrical storm damage or incorrect power supply.
  • x) when the cause of a defect or damage is due to operator error.

Should there not be the answers to your questions above please contact our office staff during business hours on 08 83537912. Alternately you can email your enquiry to

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