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Braemar gas heaters are a heater that we are very familiar with.  We have been servicing and repairing all models of Braemar heaters for over 35 years. 

Servicing or Repairs

Protec gas Services

We are an independent, local S.A. family owned and operated business that puts our customers safety first. We specialise in servicing and repairing Braemar gas heaters. The efficient operation of your heater and your safety is of the utmost importance to us. Our qualified technicians conduct all work to the highest standards. Protec Gas Services has been repairing and servicing gas heaters for over 30 years. Our gas technicians are highly qualified and service, repair and safety check gas Braemar heaters on a regular basis. Our technicians carry many Braemar service parts but please note we are not directly associated with Braemar.

preventative or corrective

Preventive Servicing

When you get your Braemar gas heater serviced on a regular basis by a qualified technician, it ensures that your Braemar heater is operating correctly and therefore reduces the possibility of any unscheduled breakdowns.

Service Intervals

The recommended service interval for Braemar gas heaters in every 2 years. These service intervals involve maintenance tasks in order to avoid breakdown or malfunction and to ensure efficient running of their Braemar gas heater.


The goal of preventative maintenance of your Braemar gas heater is for regular servicing to extend the life of your heater. This minimises overall costs and can identify or prevent failures before they occur. By having a regular maintenance program for your Braemar gas heater it prevents untimely failure or any unnecessary and costly repairs that may be caused by fatigue or neglect.

Service Checklist

By maintaining your Braemar gas heater with Protec Gas Services you are guaranteed our technicians follow a maintenance checklist which includes compliance with Australian Standards and manufacturer recommendations.


Protec Gas Services technicians are fully trained and qualified to service and maintain your Braemar gas heater. Our technicians are highly qualified with decades of experience working on Braemar gas heaters.

Reliabilty & safety

By choosing to get your Braemar gas heater serviced regularly you increase your safety, reduce the cost of downtime, increase reliability and extend the life of your heater.


Maintenance schedules vary from heater to heater but they all include similar elements of safety, testing, measuring, adjusting, clearing, cleaning and identification of any replacement components to prevent faults from occurring.

Corrective Repairs

Corrective repairs are performed when your Braemar gas heater fails to operate as the manufacturer intends. For the last 30 years our gas technicians have been repairing Braemar heaters getting them working again professionally and quickly.


The sequence of corrective repairs is a step-by-step procedure with the heater's initial individual failure triggering the steps involved in identification and rectification.

Underlying Faults

When conducting corrective maintenance or repairs following a failure of your Braemar gas heater a Protec Gas Service technician will identify individual faulty components and also attempt to identify any underlying faults that may have caused the original failure.

Repairs Sequence

When investigating faulty components on your Braemar gas heater the technicians follows a process to identify faults which may include, providing device history, fault patterns, the use of modern testing technologies, repair advice or availability of spare parts.


Protec Gas Services technicians are fully trained and qualified to repair your Braemar gas heater.

Replacement & Testing

This involves the removal of the part/s causing the failure, replacement of faulty part/s, testing of function, carbon monoxide testing and finally the continued use of your Braemar gas heater.

Replacement Components

Gas heater repairs is all we do so therefore our technicians vans are full of replacement parts and serviceable components with our aim to get the job done right on one visit. 


All Braemar gas heater services and repairs are Carbon Monoxide tested and documented for your safety and peace of mind.

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