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Please read the terms and conditions prior to your booking as your acceptance of these terms and conditions is required to proceed with the booking.

Health & safety

Workplace safety

While many consider the home to be a place of safety and comfort, there are a wide range of risks involved for those working in a home environment and we all have an obligation under the Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995 to provide a healthy and safe workplace for workers in the workplace including in private homes.

What you should as a client should consider regarding workplace safety:

• maintain a safe work environment (e.g. restrain animals, consider parking & access, provide a clear work area & adequate lighting) 

• inform workers of any known hazards.

• cooperate with workers to ensure safe work procedures and a safe work environment (e.g. move furniture to allow adequate work space based on assessed needs) 

• look after their own in-home safety (e.g. maintain electrical equipment and safety switches to switchboards)

What technician will do on arrival regarding workplace safety:

• communicate and understand what services are to be provided

• conduct a 5 point risk assessment

• If the assessment shows that workers are exposed to significant risks, service providers will determine whether they need to modify or suspend that particular service until the risk has been adequately controlled. 

• wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and be trained in its use

• assess additional services before being performed  

• review an activity that may have changed to ensure the controls are still working or need to be altered

• document the daily monitoring of the service


Payment is to be made on completion to the technician onsite. Payment can be made by cash, electronic funds transfer or credit card*. Residential metropolitan rates for gas technician servicing, testing, diagnostics and fault identification is $189.00 for up to the first half hour onsite. Further labour rates after the first half hour are to be charged at $49 for every quarter hour or part thereof. If your area is classified as regional, charges may vary. These charges can be confirmed by contacting the office staff and will be set prior to booking. Missed appointments and/or non canceled appointments a minimum fee of the first half hour will apply. *Additional fees may be set and charged by the credit card service provider which Protec gas services has no control over. Generally these fees range from 1.2-1.4% depending on the individual credit card merchant fees.


Warranty Terms

Warranty is valid in country of purchase only. This warranty is given by Protec Gas Services. Spare parts is warranted by the Company to be free from defects for a period of 180 days from the date of purchase. Workmanship is warranted for a period of 365 days. The benefits offered by this warranty are in addition to your rights and remedies under Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods failure does not amount to major failure, the Company reserves the right to choose to repair or replace the part.

To make a warranty claim, you must be able to supply proof of purchase. In the first instance, you should call customer care on 08 83537912. The Company will create and retain a computer record of your application.

Protec Gas is responsible for reasonable costs associated with legitimate warranty claims, including call-out of an authorised Protec Gas service provider to inspect the faulty product. 

Protec Gas is not responsible for: 

(a) costs for tradespeople that are not authorised Protec Gas service providers; or 

(b) any costs, including call-out costs for an authorised Protec Gas service provider, associated with a product which is determined upon inspection not to be covered by this warranty. 

Warranty Conditions 

1. This warranty applies to products which are manufactured on or after the date of publication of this warranty but before the next date of publication of this warranty. 

2. For heaters components: All terms of this warranty are effective from date of completion of installation. The attending service person reserves the right to verify this date by requesting a proof of purchase or a copy of the certificate of compliance prior to the commencement of any warranty work. 

3. All Protec Gas heating components must be installed, commissioned, serviced, repaired and removed in accordance with the manufacturers installation instructions, current AS 3000, AS 3500 and AS 5601, local regulations and municipal building codes by persons authorised by local regulations to do so. 

4. All appliances must be operated and maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s operating instructions. 

5. Any inspection, service, repair or replacement activities associated with warranty on Protec Gas products must be authorised by Protec Gas Services before commencement.

6. The warranty applies only to the components supplied by Protec Gas. It does not apply to components supplied by others, such as, isolating valves, electrical switches, pipe work, electrical cables, fuses and where applicable, flue systems supplied by others, but not limited to these. 

7. Where the appliance has not been sited in accordance with the installation instructions or installed such that normal service access is difficult, a service charge will apply. If at the discretion of the attending service person, access is deemed dangerous service will be refused. Any work required to gain reasonable access to the appliance will be chargeable by the attending service person (for example, removal of cupboards, doors, walls, or the use of special equipment to move components to floor level, but not limited to these). 

8. Where a failed component is replaced under warranty, the balance of the original appliance warranty will remain effective. The replacement part or appliance does not carry a new warranty. 

9. Protec Gas reserve the right to transfer functional components from defective appliances if they are suitable. 

10. Protec Gas reserve the right to have the installed product returned to the factory for inspection.

Warranty Exclusions 

No warranties except those implied and that by law cannot be excluded are given by Protec Gas in respect of Goods supplied. Where it is lawful to do so, the liability of Protec Gas for a breach of a condition or warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the Goods, the supply of equivalent Goods, the payment of the cost of repairing or replacing the Goods or acquiring equivalent Goods as determined by Protec Gas. 

The following exclusions may cause the warranty to become void and will result in a service charge and costs of parts (if required): 

1. Accidental damage and acts of God. 

2. Failure due to abuse or misuse, improper maintenance, failure to maintain or improper storage. 

3. Failure due to incorrect or unauthorised installations. 

4. Appliances not operated and maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s operating instructions. 

5. Failure or damage caused by alterations, service or repair work carried out by persons other than Protec Gas service persons or service agents. 

6. Where it is found that there is no fault with the appliance and the issue is related to the installation or is due to the failure of electric or gas supplies.

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